Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Trip

Hello friends and family,

As most of you know, Erik and I will be spending the month of February in Yelapa, Mexico. Although we really don't know how much or often we may be accessing the internet, we wanted to create a public blog so that you can get updated on our trip as we go.

Last night was our last chance to pack for the trip, and we had fun picking out adventure shoes at REI. The reality of the trip is sinking in, and we both tossed and turned and slept lightly in our excitement for the approach of February 2nd...

We fly out to Puerto Vallarta on Monday, and will be arriving at some point late in the evening. Hopefully we will sleep soundly at a nice hotel to replenish our energy for the true adventure the very next day. This adventure will include several bus rides and one boat ride, and a 4 mile walk up the sacred river I've heard "Up River Erik" speak of so many times before.

I will keep my eyes open for the gray whales heading up to San Ignacio Lagoon; they say their mood is All Love during this time of year as they spend most of the winter breeding in the lagoon. People travel from all corners of the world just to receive gray whale hugs in this special place.

In many ways, I have waited most my life for this moment. My father introduced me to frogs when I was six, and since that unforgettable moment I have developed a great fascination and appreciation for amphibeans, snakes, and all creatures of the jungle. I am hoping to see the infamous boa constrictor, corral snakes, miscellaneous members of the Frog Kingdom, and even the powerful panther. I am very excited to see all the insects, arachnids, birds and monkeys. I have mixed feelings about scorpians, but I'd be thrilled to see one, unstung. :)

Humbled in respect of the Jungle, I will be honored to spend time in Erik's treehouse and experience what his life may have been like for the 10 years he spent there. Spending time on the beach will be a bonus!


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