Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Birth of Eden

The intention behind sharing this intimate and intense video is in the hopes to inspire others to consider alternative choices for laboring and giving birth. What you will see in this video is not just a woman enduring a very challenging experience, but you will see that she is surrounded by caring women that have been there for her since she was 6 weeks pregnant. I am in a totally comfortable environment, laboring on a bed, in water, on a birth stool, and able to move and wander and tone as I feel the need. There is no pressure to speed things up, no mistrust in nature.

After months of research, classes, and deeply intentional preparation, Erik and I give our daughter the birth we believe that she deserves. We are blessed that we were able to have the birth we dreamed of, no matter how long and how hard, because we are aware that there are some situations where medical intervention is absolutely necessary. We do believe that part of our luck was in choosing Gentle Hands Midwifery and our tremendously loving doula, Mary Burgess.

And just look at the happy baby that came to be with us! If labor and birth weren't the rite of passage that they were, I'm not sure I would have the confidence that I have today. I am the mother I always wanted to be, not perfect in any way, but fierce and loyal and devoted. Every time I think back to those 2 days, I feel empowered. I feel as though I was given the opportunity to feel strong, omnipotent, alive, while simultaneously simply being a channel for Life. These qualities of a birthing experience contribute to an exquisite and contented post partum, which is one of the most sensitive eras of a woman's life. I am so grateful.

Thank you to the midwives of Gentle Hands Midwifery! Catriona, Eloisa, Kristin, and Beth! Thank you Mary! And thank you Eden!!

The Birth of Eden from gardenofeden on Vimeo.

Video of Eden's Birth

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