Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hola amigos! Buenos noches.

Today is our 11 month anniversary and we walked along the beach to Bucerias as a pre-amble to our rrrromantic dinner at the resort, using the 50 dolares we earned at a brief time-share presentation this morning.

Resort living is strange amigos. The luxury is extreme comfort and the cost is severe-adventure-deprivation. This morning we enjoyed a nice buffet... we swam in the 'infinity' pool... then the hot tub... took a wee siesta. We at lunch on the balcony... then took a looong nap. Is this anything to report?

HOWEVER, peering off the balcony this afternoon, I saw something out-of-place in the distance.. Something moving and making splashes in the ocean. I quickly grabbed the camera and zoomed in on the creature, to find it was a humpback whale, breaching endlessly! Every 10 seconds another breach, and another and another! Thank you,Villa Del Palmar, for providing the view to witness such splendor.

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