Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So we've made it safe and sound to Yelapa and are staying at the treehouse. It's definately felt like a sort of pilgrimage home after being away for so long. It's a bit strange to type on a computer in a place that I remember as free of electricity, roads, phone, and all of those other modern conviniences that always seem to get in the way of life.
It's good to be here. Kip and Michelle have been at the treehouse for a couple of weeks before us. They've done most of the dirty work of getting the place livable. Though we were hoping to have the place to ourselves, if it wasn't for them we'd be camping out instead of feeling at home. We were able to spend our first night up in the cliff house and catch up on much needed sleep to the lulling sounds of the jungle.
Little by little I've been bumping into old friends from around the village. Yelapa--the place of reunion, continues to prove itself moment by moment. Today I saw my dear old friend Ruben for the first time in 6 or 7 years, and it seems other friends seem to pop up around every corner.
It's quite a gift to share this place and this experience with Laura. In a way it's like being here for the first time. It almost felt like I was hiding something for her before being here together.
Life is good, really good.


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