Friday, February 13, 2009


I am so happeeeeee!!

Tomorrow it´s back to jungle living at the Treehouse..
I don´t know how much we´ll be online from tomorrow on, but Happy Valentine´s Day! I love you Mom, Dad, Brad, Zander n KayKay, Chi Chi, CoCo, Dan and Sally and family, all my new and old friends, and those that visit in dreams.

Sunshine is good for the soul.



walterramjet said...

Hey, how about some tree house pictures?

Erik and Laura said...

We're workin' on it Daddio!

We don't have any equipment to upload our pictures here, but we have a sweet HD camcorder/digital camera and we have loaded up about 4 cards already with pictures and films!! You will see a LOT when we get home!!

I love my daddy.


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